We are Mark and Miranda Lyon.  Our goal is to help you achieve yours.   The courage and strength to ask for help  will always be what sets you apart.   The perseverance to keep on trying through each new challenge will be what makes you rise above.  We like to help, it’s just that simple.  We love the opportunity to watch as people and horses grow together.

We are just beginning this blogsite and eventually we would like to add some unique ways to help you:

  • Design and host your own clinic (easier than you might imagine!)
  • Answer quick and simple questions that everyone shares through podcasts and video clips
  • Have fun contests and giveaways
  • Share the journey!  If you think we aren’t learning as well… think again.  We get as much from you, as we will ever give and we want and need your help and feedback.
  • Develop a user-led forum to promote education for ourselves and our horses.

visit us at:  mandmhorsemanship.com

or e-mail to:mark@mandmhorsemanship.com  or  miranda@mandmhorsemanship.com



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