Video submission!

I apologize that this post is both late and brief.  Please forgive me.


This post is credited entirely to Miranda and Erin Sisson, who brainstormed at my dining room table over a plate of candied jerky bacon, M&M’s, gummy worms and some sort of chocolate nougat thing.  I don’t know…. there was a lot of sugar and some caffeine and laughter and I think maybe somewhere there was a conversation about horse scented perfume as well!   But in and around the wonderful silliness, there was a conversation about the logistics of clinics.


We are entering the season that children describe in terms of excitement and joy and adults describe in terms that I wont publish here.  Winter.  I recently asked a friend  what the temperatures got to in Texas during winter and I felt pretty proud of myself for not snorting outloud.  Let me tell you, it took a bit of control on my part.  But joking aside, winter is an inconvenient time to organize a training event.  The weather, even if it isn’t frigid, may well be unpredictable, or people traveling in from other locales might be dealing with inclement road conditions.  The diminshed daylight also leaves us with less time and sometimes less energy.



What if you could still gain access to the wisdom of a trainer from the comfort of the couch?  Or at least, a taste of success in the off-season.  A hope for the future.  Hope is an amazing thing.  Everyone should grasp at hope with both hands.  Hope is not a genie in a bottle granting wishes.  Hope is also not the great pinnacle that success is.  Hope is the everpresent pinprick of light that we follow in the dark.  It is not in the wind or the earthquake or the fire… it is the still, small voice.  And hope knows no off season.


I don’t remember precisely who it was (Erin, I think, she’s clever that way…. mind always working… a little scary sometimes!) that mentioned the idea of having people send in a video clip of their horse, or a problem they are wanting to work on, to have Mark and Miranda look at it and offer advice.


So if you have video of you and your horse, or a roadblock you are facing, please send it in and we will try to get you some timely feedback.   If you have a scenario that you have faced or find yourself struggling with, and yet have no video, please send us some detailed info on that too.





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